How to Use the API Explorer

Send test calls with your purchased key or a demo token.

Using API Explorer

The API Explorer is on every endpoint page, it allows anyone to send test calls to our test servers to see how the API works.

How to get started

Customers that already have an API key can start using the explorer with their credentials.
Anyone else needs to generate a Demo Token in the auth endpoint.

Try It!

Some endpoint have parameters that need to be filled in, like create a user:


When the parameters are filled in, they populate in the code:


Before hitting the blue "Try It" button, the API key or Demo Token needs to be placed in the API Token Header:


Depending on the user, the explorer can be generated in a variety of languages:

599 550

Once you click "Try It!", Your call success or failed response can be seen at the top of the page:


There will also be a response populated at the bottom of the API explorer: